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How Not To Go Broke During the Festive Season

'Tis the season to be wise about money.

If you have the habit of impulse buying just because you get swayed away by the “Christmas Is In The Air!” marketing ploy, stop right now!

Make a List

(And check it twice!) If you are indeed into gift-giving, start preparing your gift list at least three months in advance, when you still have enough time to look for gift ideas on sale rather than buying on the last minute at exorbitant prices. Your gift list will help you in budgeting, and comparing department stores and online stores prices. You might be surprised the item in your wish list costs a lot cheaper to buy from reputable online stores who offer reasonable amount of discounts. You not only saved on the cost of the item, you also saved on the unnecessary transportation cost that seem to double up and traffic woes during the holiday rush.

Practical (is) Magic

Go for practical gifts suitable to what the person you are gifting needs. Giving away gifts just for the sake of “giving something for Christmas” does not serve the true spirit of gift giving.

One for All

Instead of giving individual presents to each person, why not opt for a hamper or gift set that the whole family can share? Wouldn’t it be more fun to get the whole family huddle together while excitedly opening the gift you gave them?

Mrs. Santa’s Special |

Fake It

From evening jewelry to Christmas trees, there’s no point in buying the “real” thing. Like me, I know of many people who recycle their Christmas decorations also because, why not? Good quality Christmas decorations that are properly stored last for years, and can be used over and over again. Recycling helps reduce landfills, thus we help protect our environment as well.

Rent, Don’t Buy

Christmas holiday is synonymous to costume parties and all kinds of merriment. Rather than buying a costume or props, why not rent one to use for this once-a-year-occasion? Unless you want to dress up as Santa Claus every year.

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