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The Stylish Grandma’s Guide to Home Decor

7 ways to achieve a modern but comforting granny-chic home.

I had many expectations about being a “granny”, but to be trending is not one of them. From Guccis oversized costume jewelry, to Miu Miu’s dark-rimmed glasses, it looks like the granny-chic trend is here to stay. So why not follow it on your home too?

It’s been almost three years now since I refurbished my home with everything new. This was my first project after house renovation, that coincided with my retirement from the corporate world. Today, I am itching to redecorate, and after browsing some décor ideas on the internet, I am convinced I should.  Here are my granny inspired home décor ensembles.

Mixed Patterns

Mixed patterns home decor
Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Adding a bit of color into your living room can brighten up your mood whole day long. A Spring vibe on rainy season is what you need to create that cheerful effect. Keeping our spirits high no matter what the season brings is good for our well being. Also, why not welcome your family and friends to a cheerful atmosphere as soon as they enter your home?


Floral Bedroom Harmony for Home
Photo Credit: Harmony for Home

My granddaughter loves flowers and anything floral. Me too. Can you blame us? If this floral themed bedroom does not inspire you, I don’t know what does!

Doilies and Embroidery

Doily Table Runner
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

I have a perennial affair with doilies and embroidery. They are one of those classic dining room accessories that will never go out of fashion. For a much more personalized touch you can opt to create them yourself. All you need are balls of yarns, a crochet hook, and your inner artistic talent.


Chinoiserie room
Photo Credit: de Gournay

As in fashion, why not consider showing off your home’s signature piece also? A backdrop that reflects your passion for art, your ethnicity, or culture will complete your ensemble. And this chinoiserie wallpaper will instantly do the trick.

Cozy Quilts

Quilts Ladder
Photo Credit: Mania de Decoracao

If you’re looking for comfy bed covers with a touch of art, cozy quilts are for you. I’d say patches of bright or pastel colors provide a welcoming and homey effect that guarantee a perfect slumber. You can also use this type of duvet as a hanging wall décor.

Decorative Wallpaper

Vintage Wallpaper
Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Similar to chinoiserie with a different design and color that compliment the theme you are trying to achieve. Another signature accent that cements your stylish granny reputation. Think of this inspiring element to enhance the look of your console table.

Gold + Marble

Gold and Marble
Photo Credit: Meredith Heron

All white kitchen is easier to maintain. You are able to spot any thing that does not belong there without even trying. Light golden hues and marble are in perfect harmony with the wooden floor, leaving a more natural and elegant look. With an ambience like this, who needs to hire a cook?

Your redecorating project does not have to drain your wallet. Whatever new pieces you wish to bring into your home just need to match with what you already have, bearing in mind the style that you intend to keep and makes you happy.

Did my granny style home décor ideas inspire you? Let me know. I would be happy to hear from you.


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