Tallinn Estonia

One Day in Tallinn? Here’s How to Make the Most of It…

Experience an exhilarating mix of modern and medieval.

If you’re joining a Baltic Cruise, chances are Tallinn will be in your itinerary, albeit for a short day trip. So how do you make the most of it?

Souvenir Shopping

Adjacent to the docking area is a Duty Free Shop. A few steps onward will take you to a long line of stalls where similar duty free items are on offer at a much cheaper price. Locally made souvenirs and other stuff are aplenty – from magnets, crossbody bags, key chains, and bells to stylish hats made of wool, fine linen scarfs and shawls, t-shirts, wooden home decors, throw pillow cases and tablecloths with intricate artwork designs – it is guaranteed your shopping bags will be full in no time. But if I were you, I shall wait and shop on my way back to the ship. That way, your bag will be lighter while strolling around the city center.

Visit The Old Town

Listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site, and one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe is the Tallinn Old Town. You can easily explore the place by foot from the cruise ship’s docking port. The fresh chill that comes with the Springtime breeze is a welcome respite after your overnight sail. This walled, cobble-stoned Old Town is home to Kiek in de Kök, a 15th-century defensive tower. You will be greeted by smiling locals dressed in their colorful costumes as you stroll. Be prepared to smile back and be happy. You will also notice flowers and shrubs ornamented cafés that serve all-day menu alfresco. If you haven’t taken your breakfast yet, now is the time.

Take A Selfie or Groufie At The Gothic Town Hall

Sitting in historic Tallinn’s main square is the Gothic Town Hall, built in the 13th century and with a 64m-high tower. A perfect place to take souvenir photos. If you proceed to this area early in the morning, you will have a much better chance of capturing the best angle of this magnificent edifice while there are less people around.  Another place for taking photos is the St. Nicholas Church, a 13th-century landmark popular for ecclesiastical art.

Vintage & High-End Jewelry

While strolling in the Old City, you will notice jewelry shops that sell affordable vintage pieces, and pricey elaborate jewelry. If you’ve forgotten your accessories at home, you might find one that will complement your cruise’s formal nights outfits. And if you’re into jewelry shopping, like my BFF, you have come to the right place!

Tallinn is not only the capital of Estonia. It is the country’s largest city, and cultural hub.



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