Skagen Denmark

The Mellow and Yellow City of Skagen

A charming fishing town with extraordinarily clear skies.

Nestled in the northernmost tip of Denmark is the country’s main fishing port called Skagen (pronounced Skayn by locals) – also known for yellow painted quaint homes that serve as the city’s unique array of adornment.

Upon exiting the ship, we were greeted by the chilly springtime breeze that smelled of dried fish. The aroma was so similar to our Filipino delicacy daing and I wondered what other cruise passengers were thinking sniffing fish smell so early in the morning. Thankfully, the fishy smell quickly vanished as soon as our shuttle bus doors were shut.

About 5 minutes passed, and we arrived at the shopping center where we all went on separate ways to check what was in store for us. As I’ve expected (having researched in advance of the trip), the shops were mostly painted in yellow, with a few touches of reddish-brown colored bricks that provide a distinct accent to the buildings’ facade.

We were told our cruise ship was the very first to visit this city, and as a welcome gesture, the shopkeepers opened two hours earlier than usual to accommodate us.

Skagen is not only known for fish. As a matter of fact the name itself is a brand given to a famous Danish watch. The coast is also rich in amber and you will notice amber products being sold in different forms and designs in the souvenir and jewelry shops.

White beaches, spread on 60 kilometers surrounding Skagen, are famous attractions for local families and artists seeking inspiration to create their masterpieces. Their artwork is unique in style and creativity.

The city is almost car-free, making the street a perfect place for bikers and joggers. We would have gladly taken a 15-minute stroll from the ship to the city center had the temperature not been extremely cold. Other cruisers rented a bike to explore the city.

Despite its small size, the city offers complete facilities for residents and visitors alike. They even have a museum right in the center of the city. Famous attractions are the The Sand-Covered Church (built of brick in Gothic style). The new Skagen Church (replaced the Sand-Covered Church), Brøndums Hotel, Skagens Museum, Anchers Hus (Michael and Anna Ancher House), Voergaard Castle, and Drachmann’s House (Villa Pax). Our very limited dock time did not allow us to see all of them, nevertheless, I enjoyed whatever I was able to do while in Skagen. This quiet harbor was our first port of call after sailing for two nights on the Baltic Sea.


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