Vision of the Seas Exterior

First Impression: Vision of the Seas Cruise Ship

All hands on deck!

Through the years, I have experienced sailing both on smooth and rough seas, literally and figuratively. I have high hopes that the best one will be on board Vision of the Seas. After all, this cruise took six months to prepare. The effort should be worth it! Today, as we embark on the first day of our 12-night Baltic Cruise journey, let me share with you my first impression of this Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship – Vision of the Seas.

The ship’s size is perfect for a first timer like me. It didn’t take long before I became familiar with where to go and it is easier to navigate, I would say, compared with a bigger cruise ship. The pleasant atmosphere was a big plus in achieving a “home feel” right from boarding time. With their staff’s assistance, even checking in at the port was a breeze.

It is true that a place shouldn’t be brand new to feel homey. As long as it is always neat and tidy, you will get the comfort that you need as if you haven’t left home. I commend Reagan Balagtas, our housekeeper, for my best first time cruise ship cabin delightful experience. See, I remember his full name at once!

There are countless menu choices that cater to everyone’s taste spread in the self-service buffet counters of Windjammer up on the 9th deck. The servings seem endless, even if you remain seated there the whole day, which you wouldn’t do, of course, unless you are on a loose diet regimen! On the lower 4th and 5th decks, Aquarius offer a “fine dining feel” with a dedicated team of waiters at your service. A few restaurant staff suggested that we avail of a discounted voucher for three specialty dining at Chops Grille, Izumi, and Giovanni’s Table. Izumi sounds good to me, so I consider celebrating my birthday dinner there. My friends and I also thought of dining at Chops Grille during our 12-Night stay. I’m so pleased that our dining plan is sorted on the very first day!

The in-house performers entertained us at The Masquerade Theater on our first night after dinner. They were not only witty, they were funny as well, and made us feel instantly at home!

Public Rooms
Though not as divine compared to our private cabin, they are acceptably well-maintained. Nice open areas where you can sit and relax, listen to live pianist playlist, read a book, or chit-chat with fellow cruisers in between meal times on sea days.

Safety & Security
I’ve done lots of research and read reviews prior to embarking on this cruise, yet I’ve never heard of snipers, until one of the staff mentioned that RCI has them on board to protect the safety and security not only of the ship itself but also everyone aboard the ship. He claimed to be a member of the security team, and on emergency security situation all their team members need to hear on their earphone is a “code word” and they would respond accordingly. This knowledge made me sleep on the very first night in peace. (*This privilege information was not part of our Cruise Orientation.)

There is a healthy service competition among all staff of Vision of the Seas, which translates into a super high standard of service they extend their guests. I am in awe of how they maintain their professionalism and aura of joy in the name of superior service. Include my toes in the thumbs up!

Value for Money
Considering the comfort, wonderful experience, and all of the above, I would say the price I paid for my 12-night Baltic Cruise is worth it, and I would gladly do it over and over again, when time and resources permit! Yes, you heard it right, RCI’s Vision of the Seas is turning me into a cruise addict.


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