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The 5 Phone Numbers You Need on Speed Dial

Because when you need these numbers, you'll need them ASAP.

Thanks to the modern technology. The once cumbersome task of keeping a personal telephone directory is a thing of the past. Our phones are now smarter! Aside from storing phone numbers, we can now opt to use our phone’s “speed dialing” functionality, saving us time in the event of an emergency. My fervent prayer is that none of us would ever “need” to call these numbers. However, It is important that we are prepared for any eventualities. So why not take our “phone-number-saving” to the next level by keeping emergency numbers under “favorites”? My list is based on current specific personal needs, hence yours may vary. You can also update your “favorites” from time to time as needed. I have listed five to start with.

International 911: In the Philippines, this used to be 117. Since 1st August 2016, our official national emergency hotline is changed to 911. Anyone can call this hotline if they need medical, fire, rescue, police assistance as well as K-9 units. If you are traveling overseas, you need to check the corresponding local numbers as they might be different. Hotels provide this information. Take time to read their brochure or telephone directory upon check-in.

Utilities Providers: Your Utilities Providers are the best people to contact in the event of power breakdown, water pipe leak, or should your gas tank malfunctions. They have people who are highly trained with regard to safe use and maintenance of these utilities.

Your Residence Security Office/Guardhouse: It is important to have your security guardhouse’s telephone number not only for emergency situation. It comes in handy when you are expecting a package delivery, or when friends are visiting. Calling the security guards on duty, and giving them specific information in this regard, will ease your visitors’ entry.

Specialist Doctor: The perks of long healthy life sometimes require special care from our medical specialists. You might want to consider saving their hotline on your speed dial.

Roadside Assistance & Car Insurer: Accidents happen, we all know that, whether we are driving an old, or a new car. Our frustration will not be as much if we can rely on our automotive membership club for roadside assistance, using our speed dial. The same goes with our Car Insurer if there is a need to call them as well.

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In Case of Emergency (ICE)

These are the numbers of your immediate family that other people (e.g., paramedics, traffic officers, concerned citizens) can call in case something dangerous happens to you, leaving you unconscious, or unable to talk. Meaning a life-threatening situation. Saving the numbers with an ICE helps your rescuer to notify your family immediately. For example: ICE husband XYZ, ICE wife XYZ, ICE son XYZ, ICE daughter XYZ, etc.

If you are a family with a toddler, or young boys and girls, you might need to add some more important telephone numbers on this list that should go into your speed dial, like the Philippine General Hospital’s (PGH) National Poison Management and Control Center (02-5241078, 02-5548400 loc 2311 Mobile: 0922-8961541), and your child’s school.

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