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Everything You Need to Pack for a 2-Week Cruise Trip

Packing for a cruise presents a specific set of challenges.

As a frequent traveler I have almost mastered the packing tricks available in the internet, yet I still find this task a challenge. “Why?”, you ask. With a limited check-in luggage allowance of 23 kg and carry-on luggage of 5 kg, every space in my luggage should make room for everything “essential” on this two-week cruise trip. I figured knowing important facts about the cruise beforehand will help me decide what stuff to take.

Take note of the weather

Based on published AccuWeather forecast, I prepared my list of essentials for the outdoor activities while the ship is docked at its assigned ports of call. Information on what will the weather and temperature be like is important in ensuring that my gears are weather and temperature appropriate. There is no sense in stuffing my luggage with things I cannot use. I would much rather choose to fill the extra space with souvenirs from this trip.

Know the dress codes

Leaving its cruisers no room for excuses, Royal Caribbean International disseminated their evening wear dress codes on their website’s official blog section based on cruise length. For the 12-Night Baltic Cruise that I’m joining, the dress codes are:

Casual (6 nights):
Polo shirts and trousers for men, sundresses or trousers for women.

Smart Casual (3 nights):
Shirts for men, dresses or trouser suits for women

Formal (3 nights):
Suits or tuxedos for men (optional: ties and bow ties), cocktail dresses for women.

Although RCI promised to be “flexible” they have stressed that swimsuits, robes, bare feet, vest tops, baseball caps, trainers, and pool wear are allowed nowhere in the ship except at the pool and sport facilities.

Footwear, Bags and Accessories

For excursion activities, shoes to go include two pairs of comfortable insole waterproof ankle boots with matching bags and accessories to complete my #ootd. Unpleasant weather condition should not prevent us from taking those glamorous selfies! When it’s time to party, skip the boring LBD. Wear pastel, or go red.

Toiletries and medicines

Although toiletries are provided, you may prefer to bring your own, together with any prescribed medicines that you are taking, and a few on the counter medicines. OTC medicines for seasickness, diarrhea, fever, headache, and sore throat are usually expensive and may not readily be available on cruise ships.

Gadgets and munchies!

Laptop, camera, iPhone, multi plug adapter, USB memory cards, travel alarm clock are the things I shouldn’t travel without. And yes, munchies in my carry-on bag!


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