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6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in a Cruise Ship

The nautical version of "having it all".

With great anticipation I started checking what I can do while on Baltic Cruise. Dining alfresco in the springtime at ports of call is a given. But how about on board the ship on sail days? My research revealed there are much more activities available aside from the formal dining and theme nights that everyone is excited to dress up for.

Watch a Broadway-style Production Show

Yes, you don’t need to fly to New York City to watch a Broadway musical. The Main Theater of the ship regularly hosts live shows by acclaimed international performers.

Go Rock Climbing

Conscious about my fitness goals, this is one of the activities that I would love to try, weather permitting. On or off the ship, we should aim to stay fit, don’t you think?

Enjoy a Movie by the Poolside

Who wouldn’t love to watch an entertaining movie while lounging on a poolside bed, in between whirlpool dips, and sipping refreshing mixed fresh fruit juices?

Take a Yoga or Pilates Class

Overwhelmed by all the excitement? Vision of the Seas got you covered. The fully-equipped gym also offers Yoga or Pilates classes to help you recharge and de-stress.

Try Your Luck at the Slot Machines

I am not an avid “luck” player. But who knows, I might get a chance to win if I try one of their slot machines? “Aim for a beginner’s luck“, you say.

Indulge in a Luxury Spa Treatment

I don’t think anyone would skip spa treatment if it is within their budget. I would certainly cross out expensive shopping in my list just to afford it on sail days! Do you feel what I feel? Can’t wait!


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