If You Can Take Only One Trip in 2017…

Paradise is just a short-haul flight away.

I came from Quezon Province, a place famously known as the Coconut Plantation of the Philippines, nestled along a stretch of coastline facing the Philippines Sea. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that green and blue are the colors perpetually etched in my memory. The farm and the beach were my playgrounds. A privileged childhood that some people might think only the rich and famous can afford. The beach and everything in it provide a tranquil ambience to those who seek it. When my friends, who were visiting from California, asked me to join them for a three-day island-hopping escapade in Coron last year, I purchased my return air tickets to Busuanga, Palawan right away.

Having joined this adventure, I would say, if you can take only one trip in 2017, let your wanderlust lead you to Coron in Palawan. I promise you will not be disappointed. Indeed, this island did not make it to Forbes Traveler Magazine’s “Top 10 Best Scuba Diving Sites In The World” list for nothing! I am not a diver. I wore my life vest to stay afloat on the lakes. Still I enjoyed the experience.

In order to maximize our short getaway, we stayed in Baquit Island in Coron Underwater Garden Resort, a place reachable within less than 15 minutes from the town proper via a motorized boat. Our floating villas had a terrace overlooking the lake. The private pool opposite the terrace was accessible via the narrow pathways on both sides of our villas. Waking up everyday to the sight of sun-kissed still waters was so relaxing that I wished our holiday would never end. The resort provided a van for our Busuanga Airport transfers both ways, as well as all the boat trips we needed to go to town for our extra shopping activities. They also provided kayaks and banana boats to those who would like to paddle around the lake while we wait for our breakfast to be served.

Your trip to Coron is incomplete without experiencing the island-hopping excursions. The resort’s staff booked these activities for us. You don’t need to make a reservation for the excursions in advance. The resort hotel can arrange it for you when you’re already in the island. This way you can be flexible should you change your mind later on for whatever reason.

Here are the excursion packages that we’ve chosen. I might have missed an island or two.

  1. Siete Pecados, CYC Beach, Coral Garden, Japanese Shipwreck, Pearl Island, Pass Island
  2. Kayangan Lake, Hidden Lagoon, Las Islas de Coral, Twin Lake (or Twin Lagoon)
  3. Private Shopping Tour: Trip to Souvenir Shops in the City, and Public Market – selling local delicacies

I will give you the pleasure of discovering the beauty of Coron yourself, so I will not mention my island-hopping experience in full details. Whatever you decide to do there, don’t miss the amazing Twin Lake and Hidden Lagoon experience. Okay, enough said. For now, let the photos speak to your senses and wild imaginings.

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