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What to Do With Your Leftover Flowers

Make this your weekend DIY project.

There were three weddings in the family that I have been invited to attend in the past three months, and it’s not even June yet. I guess, June is no longer that popular wedding month it used to be. I made it to the two held here in Manila.

There is no wedding without flowers no matter how simple or grand the couple choose to hold it. On some occasions, I get to take home one or more bouquets. You might be thinking, why bother they’ll wilt in a day or two anyway? Oh well, fresh or wilted I am yet to see a flower that does not look pretty. They make a nice potpourri and the dried floral arrangement can ornate my home for free!

Here’s how you can save them.

Step 1

Select the flowers that you like. In my case, I just take the bouquet as it is, including the ferns and leaves that come with it. I love the combination and the color contrast beautifully coordinates in the end, resulting in a lovely floral arrangement.

Step 2

Prepare the bouquet you intend to dry. Some people would hang it upside down immediately while still fresh. You can do that as well. However, I prefer to wait a little while till the stems develop a natural bend before hanging them up. At other times I just lay the stems of the bouquet freely at the edge of a flat surface, ensuring they don’t fall off. This way the stems would not look so artificially straight and stiff.

Step 3

Arrange the dried bouquet in a vase or a flower pot according to your liking. Some dried flowers cost more than fresh ones. So you’ll be happy you kept the leftover bouquet, and not threw it away!

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