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There’s an App for That

Convert currency, navigate with a map offline, or even locate your missing phone. Yes, it must be sorcery.

If you were born in my generation you know conversations like these are so common:

“I wish my grandchild was here to help me fix this TV on. Now I miss watching my favorite channel!” Sobs.

“My grandchild wants to chat with me, how do I do it? Which one should I click?” Confused.

“Can you show me how to do a proper selfie? I think my face is distorted!” Laughs.

… and so on, and so forth. Hahaha, welcome to the world of millennials!

Love it or hate it, advancing technology is here to stay. I choose to love it because more often than not, the new apps make my life much easier, like GrabCar and Uber. Here are some apps that you might want to consider having.

Find My iPhone

Are you experiencing some “senior moments” lately? Don’t fret, you are not alone! We can’t really lose our gadget totally while at home, but what if we accidentally leave it outside our home and it falls into the wrong hands? Losing our iPhone is one thing, having other people getting free access to our personal information is a horrible nightmare! It is comforting to know that there is an app we can use to keep track not only of our iPhone but also our other most important gadgets as well. Download it HERE.


Last year in August, my friend was turning 60 years old. She wanted it to be a simple get together for the three of us, her “BFFs” since high school days, and asked me to think of something fun to do outdoors. I started googling for senior-friendly activities, and thought we could join a leisurely walking tour around Old Manila’s Walled City (Intramuros) only to find that their daily tour was cancelled. On checking the weather channel it told me that there was a heavy rain threatening to fall on her birthday. I thought that must be the reason why the walking tours were off that month. So I convinced her to celebrate her birthday indoors and our Plan B took us shopping for two pairs each of the same pink and striped tops after our hearty lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Our celebration did not end there. We had a nice relaxing Thai massage which her lovely daughter had earlier booked for us, wearing the pink top we just bought and taking numerous selfies! We then had a quiet dinner at her suite and we chatted at the garden patio by the pool while waiting for our ride home. Although we were happy it didn’t rain that day at all, in my heart I knew, had I installed a more accurate weather app in my iPhone and not rely on the Weather Channel alone, my BFF would have had her wish of an outdoor birthday celebration somewhere fun. So no more regrets in future, I’m sharing the AccuWeather app if you wish to download HERE.

Pill Reminder Pro

“Aww! Did I already take my supplements, medication, and vitamins?” Sounds familiar? How many times have you asked yourself this question lately? Such an uneasy feeling especially if you have a strict medical regimen.  The Pill Reminder Pro app is guaranteed to take this worry away! So what are you waiting for? Download the app HERE, and if you like it, you can thank me later!

Dragon Dictation

For those who are always in a rush, this app is for you! It promises instant access to your text and email messages five times faster than yourself typing on the keyboard, by speaking to your Dragon NaturallySpeaking-powered gadget. Seriously? My granddaughter has been using this app since she was two years old to search for her favorite Peppa Pig movies, and other 3D animation nursery rhymes to watch on YouTube, so I guess it works! I am yet to personally try it though, but if you fancy having this facility, download the app HERE, and don’t forget to give me your feedback.


While on a week’s tour in Japan one and a half years ago, I noticed that my daughter was constantly browsing her iPhone checking on location maps to help our cab drivers in understanding where we were going. It was easier to communicate with them that way rather than by speaking in broken Nihongo. Unless, you’re visiting another country for the purpose of practicing to speak their language, using this app comes in handy. CityMaps2Go app works everywhere offline therefore no data is needed. So before embarking on a new adventure, why not download the app HERE? You’ll never know when you’re gonna need it!

XE Currency

At home, I use the foreign currency exchange info of my bank. But while traveling, I need an app that is accessible at all times. Shopping abroad while on tour is fun even if it’s just a simple bell to add to my collections, or fridge magnets to take home as give-away. Naturally, I wouldn’t want to go overboard so I can save some for my next shopping adventure in another place. Users of XE Currency app are happy to share their positive experience with this app. I thought it would help me decide whether or not the cost of the stuff I buy while on tour is reasonable, and if I can afford to indulge. It would also help me compare prices, and haggle for discounts! This popular app stores the last updated multi-currency rates that can be accessed offline. Exactly what a cruiser like me needs! So, I say “yes” to this app and downloading HERE begins now!


Imagine a life where you can effortlessly manage your finances in one place! Sounds good? Mint claim their app is what you need to get organized hassle-free. I am yet to check how it works, and if there is anyone out there reading this who had tried the app before, your feedback is appreciated. For those who want to try it before I have the chance to do so, you may download the app HERE. Who knows, it might work wonders for you too.


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