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Why Being #ForeverAlone Isn’t a Bad Thing

Because happiness is a choice.

I was born in the farm, the eldest among my siblings. Back then we did not have a neighbor close by. My sister came when I was almost three years old. Growing up as an only child before her birth had perks. It was just me, myself, and I discovering and doing all the fun things in my little paradise. There was no one to contradict, or reprimand me. Well, occasionally, my mother would. It took another three years more before I had a playmate who I can relate to when my sister turned three. I was already 6 years old by then. So you will understand why even though I had siblings and met people who would later become my friends for life, I knew in my heart that being alone isn’t a bad thing. I’ve learned and enjoyed it since birth! Haha!

On a serious note, I am genuinely happy for my friends who made it to the altar with their high school crush and are now enjoying their family. Likewise, I am blessed with a daughter who is happily married. The joy that my one and only granddaughter brings from a distance fills my heart daily with so much gratitude. A gift from God, she completes me!

Friends constantly ask me why I did not get married. Surely it was not for the lack of capable men (laughs!); it was just me. I learned that if you are content you can be happy alone or with company. There are so much fun things to do even at home, and so little time. Gardening, blogging, IG-ing and FB friends-stalking, to name a few, are much more enjoyable with no one to interrupt you every minute of the day! And speaking about independence, single people like me can relate to what I mean.

Some of my friends already lost their better half for varied reasons. If I may expound it a little more, in our funny vernacular; because their husbands have either departed (“sumakabilang-buhay“) or chosen to be with someone else (“sumakabilang-bahay“). This is not funny at all, and I didn’t mean to make fun of them as well. My point is, it just goes to show that being married is not a guarantee for a happily ever after life story. For some, it is a constant source of their misery. Because the truth is, happiness is a choice we make for ourselves.

If you are living alone like me, let not your heart be troubled this Valentine’s Day. Being alone can be bliss! Married or not, we all can experience blessed singleness in our lifetime if we chose to be happy. My life’s motto is, “Alone, but not lonely!” In saying this, I don’t mean to sound preachy. Only if you like it, you can choose to take it from me. I’ll say it again, being #ForeverAlone isn’t a bad thing at all. I’ve learned and enjoyed it since birth! My life is far from perfect. I don’t expect it will ever be. What makes the difference is I choose to be happy.


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