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How To Cruise, Granny Style

An epic trip requires epic planning.

Leave those last-minute road trips and and quick getaways for the young ones (aka people under age 40). A senior traveler knows better that to leave things to chance.

Google It

It is one thing to have access to the Internet and another thing to use it to our advantage. Sometimes we get swallowed up by information overload that we find it difficult to decide which information to consider. There is no perfect way of researching the best travel guide; though I find that listing down my travel itinerary helps me get started. My travel journey starts from the time I envision the place I want to visit, what I want to see, and the activities that I would like to do while on tour. With these on hand, I am able to visualize much better and proceed with my research online, seek the help of a trusted travel agent, or both. I choose to trust the experts in this field most of the time.

Do the Math

I seldom travel alone. More often than not, I go with one travel buddy, or a group of friends and acquaintances whose travel plan happens to be the same as mine. Traveling with a companion automatically gives you the benefit of someone sharing the costs of board and lodging, vehicle rental, and group tour discounts on offer. And, as the saying goes, “The more, the merrier!”

Take advantage of family friends’ invitations. Staying in your close friends’ home allow you to save on hotel accommodation. I have spent a little more than USD2.5K inclusive of airfares for a month’s holiday in North America (US & Canada) in Springtime last year.

There’s an App for That

Past travel experiences remind me the importance of keeping travel apps at hand, like Skyscanner, Kayak, Hopper, Airbnb, and Hotel Tonight, to name a few. They act as reliable virtual travel buddies wherever you go.

The Eat List

I grew up using motorboats as regular mode of transportation from our little farm to the nearest town in our province, and back. I still recall how these boat trips made me seasick while we sail on rough seas, sometimes so horrible that I resented the whole experience. The other alternative to reach the nearest town was on foot that took more than an hour hike on rugged terrain. Either route was rough. From both experience, I discovered that if I am physically fit, none of these difficulties is insurmountable.

Staying hydrated is important not only while on cruise but also prior to the cruise. In fact, it is important at all times. Traveling or not, I always keep my drinking water bottle handy, and refill when empty. The good news is if you are traveling to European countries, drinking water comes free from several drinking water fountains installed in most public places around the city.

Another thing to include in your carry bag are a few pieces of dried-fruits-and-nuts flavored oatmeal bar and cookies. They provide quick relief and energy when you feel hungry in between regular scheduled meals.

What to Pack

The things I carry on tour depend on the weather condition of the place I am going to visit. For me, clothing and footwear must agree with the temperature and weather conditions for utmost travel comfort. A trendy style outfit that blends well with the current fashion is a welcome bonus. Although, I will not swap comfort in exchange of fashion. Regardless of the weather condition, you will find these items in my suitcase: grooming and beauty kit, medicine kit (containing paracetamol, new skin liquid bandage, efficascent relaxing oil, medicine for indigestion), travel clock, travel adapter, smart phone gadgets, camera with at least 2.0GB memory card, and rented pocket-sized global WiFi hotspot for 24 hours of unlimited internet connectivity worldwide.

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